Matthew Williamson: Romance And Ruffles


Matthew Williamson‘s Fall 2010 collection is filled with perfect party dresses, frilly ruffles, a touch of shimmer, and a dash of fur, which all combine to create a romantic, modern take day on retro styles. Let’s take a look!

A hint of shimmer seems to be quite popular in many collections this season.

And, as I’m sure you know by now, fur is big for Fall 2010.

I love the mix of fabrics here.

Not sure how I feel about this fur trend, guys.

Ruffles were also a big part of Williamson’s collection, as seen here…

and here…

and here…

and here!

Leather made a few appearances as well, providing an interesting contrast with the softer, frillier materials used in the collection.

I can’t get behind these leather pants, though. I seem to recall Stella McCartney deeming leather pants “so soft rock trashy,” and I’m inclined to agree.

This is very modern-day Mad Men, is it not?

I could see Kelly Osbourne wearing this, and looking awesome in it.

Simple, but adorable. And the color is so lovely!

This shade of blue popped up at the DKNY Fall 2010 show, as well, and I love the idea of it as an alternative to the burgundies, browns, and golds that typically define fall.

More blue, more fur.

The dresses in this collection are super cute, though I’m not sold on the boots.

Spin-art chic?

And while I love the color of the coat, I’m not sure about the cut. Or about the pants.

Even the darker pieces in the collection had a touch of color to them.

I don’t think there are many people who can pull this look off, but those who can will probably look amazing in it.

And here’s the designer himself, looking just as pulled together as his models. He looks pretty confident in his work—what did you think of it?

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