[Maury Voice] Clover Hope, YOU ARE THE ZADDY! 

In Depth

Clover’s era-defining, June 2017 list of zaddys is right on the shortlist for the dictionary. Merriam-Webster reached out to her today to let her know:

Hi Clover,
We thought you might like to know that you’re quoted in our new article about the term “zaddy”—a word we’re watching over at Merriam-Webster.
Words We’re Watching are words we are increasingly seeing in use but that have not yet met our criteria for entry.
Meghan Lunghi
Director of Marketing
Merriam-Webster Inc.

Merriam-Webster, thank you for staying up on the zeitgeist. But why the hesitation? A true zaddy would just go for it. Congrats to Clover for being an arbiter of linguistics!

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