Meet Ben, the Twitter Lothario Who Lives With His Mother


A lot of dudes in their early 20s use Twitter to try to get girls, but few have been as successful at branding themselves as a Twitter “Casanova” like Ben James has.

James (a self-titled television producer who lists himself as 20-years-old on his Twitter account and is reported as being 25-years-old by The Daily Mail) claims that he’s slept with 200 women in the past year, wooing them all with beautiful online poetry, like “Quote this with your best selfie to show off your body” and:

He also says that he has four to five “tweethearts” at any moment, all waiting patiently for a DM’d invitation to sit on his 20-25-year-old dong. Aw, it’s the modern day equivalent of being invited to a royal ball!

“I have a reputation for being a man whore,” James told press in the UK. “But if they’ve got a big bum, I’m interested.”

James claims a portion of his success comes from the fact that he’s unafraid to be direct and say what other men are too timid to, adding, “I normally just tell a girl I want to sleep with her instead of making her think I want a relationship.”

He also tries to keep his Twitter funny and edgy. With stuff like this:

James currently lives with his mother in South London and, no, you cannot meet any of his Twitter girlfriends because they all live in Canada. His ideal woman is Beyoncé. She has never reached out.

Images via @Officialben_

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