Meet Freddy the Great Dane, Britain's Biggest Dog


This is Freddy, the Great Dane. He’s over 7 feet tall, and is thought to be the biggest dog in the Land Where Sherlock Takes Place.

Freddy was the runt of the litter (WHAAAAT?) and then had a pretty spectacular growth spurt. Dog-mom Clare Stoneman, a taxi driver, says she spends a small fortune on food for the big guy, who is now an 18-month-old ball of rambunctiousness, as well as his sister Fleur. (BTW Fleur seems to be a little pouty about not being the famous one. Just sayin’.) Stoneman says gone through 14 sofas. FOURTEEN.

When I was watching this video my dog, who usually is asleep on the couch during my entire shift, bounded over here to check out the Freddy video. I believe her reaction can best be described as “WHO IS THAT AND IS HE SINGLE?” I guess she likes the big guys. Who knew.

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