Meet the First Man to Win America's Next Top Model


America’s Next Top Model, a show that’s perfected the art of shark-jumping, has its first dude winner and somewhere crickets are rejoicing. Guess who took home the irrelevant title this year?

Cycle 21 was the second season to feature both male and female contestants. The winner: 26-year-old Keith Carlos, who landed a contract with Next Model Management, a Nylon spread and the chance to be an ~Instagram star~ (see: former contestant Don Benjamin).

Top Model has somehow lasted for 21 seasons (because people like me keep watching and because Tyra Banks will not stop). But it’s not a secret that the once semi-serious modeling competition has turned into a sideshow of silly photo shoot concepts and over-the-top makeovers.

Absurdity is the norm, and Tyra manages to top the foolishness every cycle. EXHIBIT A: Denzel, the aspiring model who got a lacefront beard makeover this season.

Look at him, he loves it. Sadly, his pasted-on facial hair didn’t get him far. Instead, the final three came down to Will, Adam and Keith, who was the clearcut champ from the beginning and probably most serious/dedicated out of all the contestants.

Congrats, Keith. Tyra loves you.

Images via CW, Instagram/keithcarlos

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