Meet the Woman Who Keeps Tan Mom and Michael Lohan Famous


Gina Rodriguez isn’t a regular publicist who works to secure a spot for their client on the Today show or tries to get a New York Times mention for a new book. The clients she holds onto through her family-only business GR Media include Sydney Leathers, Tan Mom, Simon Van Kempen and Alex McCord from RHONY, Sheree and Kim Zoliack from RHOA, Rachel Uchitel, Joey Buttafuco, Angelina from Jersey Shore, Kate Major, Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan, among others. She’s also worked with Farrah Abraham, Nadya Suleman and Tila Tequila. And if this profile of Rodriguez in VICE is to be believed, she’s still a half-decent human.

Described as a “mother” to her clients who pushes the many of them with substance abuse issues into recovery programs, the VICE profile paints a picture of Rodriguez as a woman who, in an alternate universe, could have ended up her own client:

1. She’s had multiple careers: she’s done porn, opened a day spa, posed for Playboy and tried acting and is the genius behind DialAStar.

2. Tiger Woods cheating on his wife inspired her current career trajectory:

I would see the mistresses come out,” she said. “They’d do the interviews, and then you’d never hear from them. I thought, I’m surprised they can’t be marketed more.” She knew Joslyn James, a porn star who was one of Tiger’s mistresses, and flew her from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. Gina moved Joslyn into her home, took her to see Gloria Allred, and then reintroduced Joclyn to the press three months later. She was an overnight success. Tiger’s other girls began calling Gina, and within several months, she was managing 37 former mistresses.

3. Rodriguez is the one responsible for Tan Mom’s song. So thank her for that.

4. She will have her own reality TV show soon, lest the circle become unbroken. Working title: The D-List Diva.

5. Michael Lohan will always make it about Michael Lohan:

Occasionally, Gina steps away from her business relationships to help her clients deal with their own personal problems. At one point, she represented both Michael and Dina Lohan, which meant she was essentially a Lohan family mediator. “At the time, Dina needed money to keep the house,” Michael said. “I [agreed to negotiate] with people to give her money, so she could pay her house off. Ironically, she didn’t use any of the money for her house at all. [She used it for] her own personal expenses.”

Rodriguez would probably go down in history as the most impressive publicist ever if she could make Michael Lohan seem likable in any interview ever, but even she’s not a miracle worker.

Gina Rodriguez: The D-List Diva [VICE]

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