Meet the Woman Who Owns Over 3,000 Troll Dolls


TLC never fails to deliver. Just when TV starts to get boring and you’re settling into watching that episode of Real House Wives of New Jersey for the 3rd time, TLC gives you a show that you will no doubt tweet about multiple times. This time, My Crazy Obsession has given us just that: A woman so obsessed with troll dolls that she sometimes dresses up as one herself.

Michelle Kerrins is a gymnastics instructor, but her true passion is for those little Troll dolls that everyone bought one year and got rid of two years later. But instead of getting over the fad like everyone else, Kerrins is that lady who made you kind of nervous when she enthusiastically bought an entire crate of Troll dolls at your spring garage sale.

Kerrins has over 3,000 dolls that she primarily keeps in her “Troll room,” but she also tucks a few away in places like her freezer. “The trolls make me really happy when I’m sad,” says Kerrins, “So I come in here and I see all their eyeballs. It makes me happy to know they’re all here. They’re all looking at me.”

At least we know Kerrins has a grasp of basic emotions like “happy” and “sad.” Best of luck to the Troll doll she keeps in her freezer, because living in below freezing box next to a bag of chicken nuggets with just a scarf is no way for a troll to live. #FreeFreezerTroll

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