Megan Amram's 'Science…For Her!' Looks Amazing


You might already know Megan Amram from her top-notch Twitter account, her writing on Parks and Recreation or from that time Rosie O’Donnell told her that she needed to change her profile picture to something more attractive if she wanted to be taken seriously, but soon we’ll be introduced to an all new Megan Amram, MEGAN AMRAM: AUTHOR OF BOOKS.

The comedian just announced on her website that her first book “Science…For Her!” is now available for pre-order on Amazon, and judging a book by its cover, it looks pretty damn funny.

Of the book, Amram writes:

Science…For Her! is a science textbook written by a lady (me) for other ladies (you, the Spice Girls, etc.) It has been demonstrated repeatedly throughout history: female brains aren’t biologically constructed to understand scientific concepts, and tiny female hands aren’t constructed to turn most textbooks’ large, extra-heavy covers.

Finally, a science textbook for us.

“Science…For Her!” is officially slated for a November 4 release date. I love Amram so much that I just might pre-order a thousand copies and either hoard them or gradually give them as gifts over my life’s remaining years.

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