Megan Thee Stallion Has Liberated Herself From Music Labels

During a recent Instagram Live, the rapper announced she's now not only label-less but will be financing her own forthcoming album.

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Megan Thee Stallion Has Liberated Herself From Music Labels
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Lately, it seems everything is—deservedly—coming up Megan Thee Stallion. She’s receiving rave reviews for her role in Dicks: The Musical, her workout routine is the envy of the world, and Tory Lanez looks like this. Fortunately, the home runs just keep coming for the hot girl coach.

On Thursday, during an Instagram Live, the rapper—who’s currently working on her new album—announced she will no longer be held hostage by any music label and will now be funding her own forthcoming album.

“This part of my album is very much so funded by Megan Thee Stallion because we’re trying to get off…y’all know what’s the tea. But I have no label right now,” Thee Stallion told viewers. “We’re doing everything funded straight out of Megan Thee Stallion’s pockets. So, the budget is coming from me. Motherfucking Hot Girl Productions! The next shit y’all about to see is all straight from Megan Thee Stallion’s brain and Megan Thee Stallion’s wallet. We are in my pockets, hotties, so let’s do our big one.”

As if that wasn’t enough, she then clarified she doesn’t actually want to be signed under a label.

“It’s really just me this go around until we sign to a new label. But I don’t want to sign to a new label right now because I just want to do it myself,” Thee Stallion said. As someone who has only a parasocial relationship with Thee Stallion, I support this after everything she’s been through!

For over two years, Thee Stallion has been fighting with her former label, 1501 Certified Entertainment. In a series of suits and countersuits, she maintained that the company—and its founder, Carl Crawford—had duped her into signing an “unconscionable” record deal in 2018 when she was just starting out and too new to know better. In February 2022, she sued the label again as she believed her second to last album, Something for the Hotties, fulfilled her contract obligations. Crawford countersued, calling her claims “baseless” and arguing that Something doesn’t count as a real album since it features previously released music. In April, lawyers for the rapper claimed 1501 was draining its bank accounts in an attempt to avoid paying her. As of now, 1501 has not publicly commented on Thee Stallion’s announcement. The label did not respond to Jezebel’s request for comment.

“I’m so excited to be doing something for the first time independent since it was just me and my mama,” Thee Stallion gushed during the live. Insert happy tear here.

Real *Indie Hot Girl Shit, here we come!

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