Mel Gibson Blames "Male Menopause" For Uncontrollable Anger

  • In a newly uncovered letter Mel Gibson sent Oksana Grigorieva before their January blowup, he worries that his anger is so out of control he, “could drink or commit a crime,” adding, “Maybe it’s some kind of male menopause.”
  • He continued in the 2008 letter, “The anger seems to be out of my control — I need to do something about it something lasting — not just a band aid.” … “This isn’t who I was meant to be — I know it! I’m scared I can’t get back.” [TMZ]
  • Mel‘s camp released text messages today that ostensibly prove Oksana tried to extort money from him. [Radar]
  • Oksana‘s lawyer went on the Today show to deny that she leaked recordings of Mel‘s phone rants. [TMZ]
  • Oksana‘s petition to have a new pediatrician appointed for baby Lucia has been denied. [Radar]
  • Tim Gunn posts snarky Project Runway recaps on his Facebook page every week, but it seems Lifetime may have pulled the last one because he complained that the show was poorly organized and called out producers by name. [N.Y. Mag]
  • Probation officials will recommend that Judge Elden Fox throw Lindsay Lohan in jail for failing two drug tests. [TMZ]
  • At Friday’s hearing, Judge Fox can either deny Lindsay bail, sending her to jail for 30 days to wait for a trial, or sentence her to 30 days in jail on the spot, in which case she would be released the same day due to prison overcrowding. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay‘s brother Michael Jr. has flown out to L.A. because, “He wants to know who she’s hanging out with that would give her these drugs… Michael Jr. has come out here to help safeguard her from her enablers. He really wants to help her.” [Radar]
  • Lindsay has been offered $50K to pop balloons on camera for a fetish website. [TMZ]
  • Lindsay has also been approached about doing a documentary about her life. “The idea is to blow the lid off the kind of LA lifestyle girls like Lindsay are or have been leading. Lindsay loves the idea and wants to get across how she’s faced her experiences,” says a source. [Daily Star]
  • Some dude told Radar that Brittney Jones, who claims she hooked up with Ashton Kutcher, “has always been obsessed with Ashton. She told me once that he was by far the number one celebrity she’d like to have sex with… And she is totally the type to do it.” [Radar]
  • A man was arrested yesterday on suspicion of criminal mischief because he was hanging around Madonna‘s apartment with a sign that read, “M, the Universe brought us together in 1992 and again this year in Prague. Meet me please XXX.” [TMZ]
  • Spencer Pratt shaved his creepy beard and frolicked in the ocean with Heidi Montag, not that you care. [Radar]
  • Usher and Leonardo DiCaprio were spotted hanging out with Robert De Niro at a Manhattan club. [E!]
  • A judge has ruled that Stephen Spielberg‘s Disturbia did not infringe on the copyright of Alfred Hitchcock‘s Rear Window. [NYT]
  • Last night’s Glee premiere was the series’ second-highest rated episode ever. [Deadline]
  • Nancy Cartwright, voice of Bart Simpson, is being sued for an incident involving her fiance’s suicide, a failed construction project, and Scientology. [TMZ]
  • John Mayer‘s rep has responded to OK!‘s cover story about his reunion with Jennifer Aniston saying, “John is single. These reunion rumors are 100-percent fabricated.” [Yahoo]
  • David Beckham‘s rep responded to In Touch‘s claim that he slept with a hooker, “The allegations that have been made are completely untrue and totally ridiculous as the magazine was clearly told before publication. Sadly, we live in a world where a magazine can print lies and believe they can get away with it. We are taking legal action against the magazine.” [E!]
  • Finally, we know the fate of Lady Gaga‘s meat dress. “The dress will go through a process where it becomes a sort of ‘jerky’ and will be archived,” says designer Franc Fernandez. [E!]
  • Lamar Odom says he and Khloe Kardashian are trying to start a family. “We’re on it right now…and I’m having fun trying. We got one of those [ovulation] monitors so we can check on it.” The only thing worse than an Unsolicited Uterus Update is an Unsolicited Ovulation Update. [E!]
  • RHOOC‘s Tamra Barney will file a restraining order against her estranged husband Simon, who was arrested yesterday on a domestic violence charge. [Radar]
  • RHONJ Jersey Shore crossover! New cast member Deena Cortese was spotted at a nightclub with Caroline Manzo‘s son Chris. [Radar]
  • Teri Hatcher will guest star as Lois Lane’s mom on Smallville. [ONTD]
  • Britney Spears‘ cover of “I Love Rock ‘N Roll” has been voted the worst cover ever. [ONTD]
  • There were reports that Rooney Mara was injured on the set of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, but her publicist says, “Rooney is perfectly healthy with no injuries to speak of.” [Star]
  • A stage version of Newsies is in the works. [Playbill]
  • Charice Pempengco says of being cast on Glee, “It was like three months ago, and my mom and I were talking about it, and so she talked to my manager. Glee’s my favorite show, and so we tried. We talked to Ryan [Murphy]. I sang for [him] but I never expected that I would be a part of it. And I found out on Twitter. I was like, ‘This is not true,’ so after 30 minutes, I got an e-mail from them [saying], ‘Congratulations.'” [Perez]
  • Looks like changes are coming to Mad Men. Next week’s episode will feature African-American actress Naturi Naughton, and she reportedly won’t be playing a domestic worker. [Just Jared]
  • Randee Heller says she was possessed by a spirit while she was playing Miss Blankenship on Mad Men: “The very first show. I was hanging up Don’s coat and I felt like – whoa! – like an adjustment and my whole body just went ‘badump!’ It was kind of eerie because I’ve never felt that before. Something inhabited me, some spirit just came into me and just changed my whole physicality.” [LAT]
  • Jon Hamm says of being orphaned at 20 when his father died, “I was … unmoored by that. I struggled with chronic depression. I was in bad shape… I knew I had to get back in school and back in some kind of structured environment and … continue.” [People]
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