Melania Trump Thought Australia's Foreign Minister Was the Foreign Minister's Wife 


First Lady Melania Trump mistook Australia’s former foreign minister for the foreign minister’s wife, according to Julie Bishop, the former foreign minister who says it happened to her. Oops!

New York magazine reports that Bishop, who served as foreign minister from 2013 to 2018, told the story before a crowd at Adelaide Festival, an annual art festival in Australia’s capital:

“Melania, standing by, assumed David was the foreign minister and she said to me: ‘Julie, will you be coming to my ladies’ lunch tomorrow?’ And I said ‘No, David’s going to the partners’ lunch’. She thought about that for a while, thinking: ‘Why would Australia’s foreign minister come to the partners’ lunch?’ So this went on for a while until the president explained that I was the foreign minister.”

You know that riddle about the father and son who get into a car accident that kills the father, and when the son is wheeled into the emergency room, a surgeon meant to operate on him says: “I can’t operate on him, he’s my son!”

Melania would be stumped by this riddle, apparently.

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