Melissa Etheridge Splits With Wife; Rumer Willis Engaged

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  • Oh no! Boo: Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Etheridge (formerly Tammy Lynn Michaels) have ended their nine-year relationship. Sadness!

In a statement, the couple says: “We ask for consideration and respect for our family as we go through this difficult period.” They have two kids from the marriage, and Melissa has two children from a previous relationship. Sigh. [People]

  • Jessica Simpson‘s life is pretty good, but she does have one request: “I just want a normal man! “Somebody who’s normal! That’s it!” [People]
  • Just what you never wanted: Michael Lohan shirtless. [ONTD]
  • We heard some details about this yesterday, but now there is video: Whitney Houston‘s concert in Birmingham, UK was “appalling.” (Check out minute 3:17 in the clip.) She missed notes and “all she did was talk to stop her from having to sing.” One angry fan says: “It was a con, a ripoff. It wasn’t a concert.” [Gatecrasher, YouTube]
  • As seen in Midweek Madness: Kate Hudson got a boob job in March. [Us Magazine]
  • Ellen DeGeneres looks supercute on the cover of Shape magazine (for once it’s not a lady in a bikini, standing in water!), and inside she says: “Food used to be really important to me. I loved steak, I loved hamburgers, I loved all that stuff. I can’t believe how irresponsible I was, eating what I ate….” Now she is vegan. [ONTD]
  • Whee! Ellen is also on top of Out magazine’s annual Power 50 list of the most influential gays in the country. [Page Six]
  • Demi Moore was in Haiti this week, and found herself completely taken by an earthquake survivor — a little boy named David. She wrote on Twitter: “Yes, he lost three fingers, but his joyous spirit was untouched!” [NY Post]
  • In a PETA video at the link, Kate Winslet narrates as fowl are force-fed by a tube and says, “Please join us in helping ducks and geese by pledging never to eat foie gras.” [ONTD]
  • The kids from Jersey Shore are discovering that partying in Miami Beach is way more expensive than Seaside Heights. Apparently MTV doesn’t pick up the tab for drinks, and the cast is going broke. House party? [Radar Online}
  • Will Madonna‘s laughter, Lourdes, be going to LaGuardia High School in NYC? You know, the performing arts school from Fame? (Survey says: Yes.) [The Sun, Gatecrasher]
  • Noah Wyle and Gina Gershon: Dating. And “clearly in love.” [Contact Music]
  • Ugly details from the Shawn and Larry King divorce: Things got physical when Shawn and Larry slapped each other during an argument in front of a restaurant in Beverly Hills. That was in February; a source says, “This marriage has been on the rocks for years.” [Radar Online]
  • In the divorce, Shawn King wants to keep the mansion in Beverly Hills, and the two houses in Utah. Plus, all the furniture and artwork inside the homes. Larry King doesn’t want to give any of it up. [TMZ]
  • Shawn King is saying that Larry King transferred ownership of all the houses to her 2 years ago, to prove that he was committed to the marriage. [TMZ]
  • Rumor has it there something going on between Larry King and his wife’s sister. [Radar Online]
  • Shawn King allegedly had a thing with this (handsome!) little league coach. In a video at the link, he says: “We all make mistakes… We became friends and one thing lead to another.” [TMZ]
  • Shawn King checked out Larry King’s Visa statement, and a $160,000 car and “tons of gifts from Cartier” were not for her, but for her sister. [TMZ]
  • Kate Gosselin wants ex-hubby Jon Gosselin to pay child support until the kids are adults — no matter how much money she rakes in.” [TMZ]
  • “The honest truth is I care so much less about my hair than everyone in America, obviously. Rarely will I have an opinion or an idea. People care so much.” — Kate Gosselin. [Us Magazine]
  • Rumer Willis and longtime boyfriend Micah Alberti are on the verge of getting engaged; the wedding could be as soon as June. [PopCrunch]
  • Poor Gwen Stefani was the third wheel on Kate Beckinsale‘s date with her husband. [Page Six]
  • Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian pose nude — but in body paint — in an ad for their Dash Miami clothing store. [NYDN]
  • Nicolas Cage has been ordered to pay a bank $2 million. [Radar Online]
  • Amy Winehouse bought a recording studio across the street from a prison in London, and is calling it Slammer Studios. [The Sun]
  • People who actually answered a survey on voted Anne Hathaway‘s character in The Devil Wears Prada their “favorite assistant.” [UPI]
  • Tiger Woods‘ alleged mistress, Jaimee Grubbs, was arrested in West Hollywood last night— she was driving with a suspended license. [TMZ]
  • Elin Nordegren continues to travel to and fro without Tiger Woods. [Radar Online]
  • Uh-oh: Production on Steven Seagal‘s reality show has been halted because of the “sex toy” allegations against the star. [CNN]
  • An arrest in the murder case involving the wife of Survivor producer Bruce Beresford-Redman is “imminent.” [Radar Online]
  • Snoop Dogg will play Glastonbury! [Mirror]
  • Dennis Quaid is opening up about the medical error that almost killed his twins. [AP]
  • Nadya “Octomom” Suleman‘s mortgage holder has worked out a deal — a six-month extension on a $450,000 payment — which allows Suleman and her 14 kids to stay in the house, avoiding foreclosure. [AP]
  • Glee‘s ratings have doubled, and it has the biggest audience for a new-season series this year. [NY Post]
  • The dude who plays Jesse St. James in Glee was in Spring Awakening with Glee star Lea Michele and they are BFFs. [PopWrap]
  • Behold: Ice T’s wife Coco and a puppy. [ONTD]
  • “I have no problem with edgy, as long as it’s not vulgar or disrespectful of the piece.” — Opera diva Renée Fleming. [WSJ]
  • “In this country, oddly, we have images of men as arrogant and aggressive. Humility is considered an unmasculine quality. What I found in the last five years is that humility is a beautiful thing.” — David Duchovny. [USA Today]
  • “I would honestly say that with all the awards and all the other things that I’ve done in my life, Dollywood is one of the greatest dreams that I’ve ever had come true. I am so proud of that I can’t even begin to tell you. Dollywood is real special to me.” — Dolly Parton, who is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dollywood. [AP]
  • “He sent me only my scenes when I said I would do the movie — you read only what you do… It’s going to be the first movie that when it opens, I know nothing about. I can’t wait till Cannes and sit down there like a normal member and see a movie I don’t know what it’s about. It was great but weird at the same time. When I was 25 years old, I worked in Madrid with a t-shirt with his face, and so, just being on the set and seeing the same guy on my t-shirt — he is literally the same guy because he wears the same glasses and the same hat — it was quite impressive.” — Antonio Banderas, on working with Woody Allen on new film You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger. [Mirror]
  • “The top of the hit parade would look very different if teenyboppers were exposed to heroin. It would weed a lot of them out. I don’t think Justin Bieber could handle [Pink Floyd member and heavy user] Syd Barrett’s habit… A lot of people in their journey to rehab overdose, and then, perhaps, we would be spared their awful music. It’s Darwinian. It’s the law of natural selection.” — Russell Brand. [Page Six]
  • “We couldn’t take one step in the West Village without people screaming, ‘Hey Al!’ I felt like I was with someone who is larger than life. It may sound cliché, but he’s iconic.” — Katie Couric on Al Pacino. [NYDN]
  • “You’ll never meet a man if you don’t wear color.” — Real HousewivesJill Zarin, to some young ladies dressed in black. [Gatecrasher]
  • “I love putting on a Givenchy dress, but I don’t mind playing in the mud. Playing in the dress.” — 13-year-old Chloe Moretz, who plays the “profanity-spewing” Hit Girl in Kick Ass. [NYDN]
  • “He does have a huge one, though. He does. You can see it in the advert. It is all his. It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!”— Victoria Beckham on David Beckham‘s awesome genitals. [People]
  • “I’ve had vomit in my pockets.” — Zoe Saldaña has taken care of a wasted friend or two. [LA Times]
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