Men Get Called Out on 'Bye Felipe,' Accuse Founder of Hating Men 


There’s a male version of the ever popular saying “Bye Felicia” called “Bye Felipe” that calls attention to thirsty, dickish dudes. The Cut interviewed the woman behind the movement and not surprisingly, she gets a lot of hate mail about man-hating.

The Felipe Facebook and Instagram accounts are the work of 27-year-old Alexandra Tweten, who was looking to provide a platform where women could expose and dismiss annoying dudes. “Felipe” is basically an evolved form of “bugaboo.” The Cut reports:

“In October, a secret Facebook group of women in L.A. decided they needed a male equivalent of Felicia to describe the men who expressed interest in them, only to turn hostile when they politely declined or ignored them. They settled on Felipe, and started an Instagram account where they could collect screen caps of Felipes in action and laugh at them.

In the interview, Tweten explains which sites produce the biggest offenders:

“They’re pretty evenly spread out across the board. Plenty of Tinder and OKCupid, plus a lot of crazy Facebook messages — even messages from people they’re not friends with, in their “other” inbox. Guys are sending them to girls who are already married or have boyfriends.”

She also answers the question of whether this agenda achieves anything:

“Straight men don’t walk around in public being afraid that women are going to beat them up or catcall them. They don’t fear for their safety every day, just being in public. It’s sort of an immortalized version of catcalling, a documented version of what we see every day.”

Naturally, some angry men have complained about being put on blast. Tweten says:

“…I’ve gotten a few angry messages in my inbox or on Facebook, but they’ve mostly been asking, Why are you making us feel bad? There are crazy girls, too. I’ve been accused of hating men. There are some guys who troll the comments on the Instagram account; I just don’t have time to police it. It blew up so fast.

“Why are you making us feel bad?” is exactly the question the targets of this harassment must be asking themselves as well. If you can’t change the dumb guys, call them out.

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