Miami Swim Week Remains the Most Chaotic Fashion Week of the Year

Astronaut helmets, capes, vagina floss.... Bless the swimwear designers who are always challenging the idea of what a person might wear to the beach.

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Photo: Getty Images

I love London Fashion Week. I love Milan Men’s Fashion Week. I love Paris Couture Week. They’re all wacky, over-the-top, completely impractical, and beautiful in their own way. But there’s still nothing that compares to the eccentric, far-fetched designs of Miami Swim Week. It always elicits several holy fucking shits from me, and what more could you want from a fashion show?

This year’s Miami Swim Week kicked off on July 4 and runs through July 12, so we still have several more days of runways filled with swimwear that no one, ever, anywhere in the world, would actually wear to a beach or pool. Because that’s not the point of Miami Swim Week; the point of Miami Swim Week is to ask, “What would someone wear to the beach or pool?” and then design the complete opposite. We’ve gathered up all the most chaotic looks from this year’s shows so far—and do watch this space for more.

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