Michael Jackson's Kids Are Turning Out Like Regular Kids


For the first time in their lives, you may have heard that Paris and Prince Jackson – and bodyguards – are attending school with other kids. Well, word is, they’re into it.

Prince Michael Jackson, 13, and Paris, 12, allegedly started attending Sherman Oaks’ Buckley school at their own request after years of home-schooling. And now — after what can’t be more than a few days at their dad’s alma mater — we have a report on their progress! (Not, naturally, from the school, which one can only assume has the faculty and student body under tough non-disclosure policy.) Rather, Jackson family attorney Brian Oxman says various sweeping and unknowable things about the switch, including “These kids can handle anything,” “If this is what they wanted, [Michael Jackson] would have approved,”and something confusing about how, although they’re academically focused, they’re into normal social stuff like “throwing papers and what not.”

When not throwing papers, Paris is “ladylike” and more reserved, while Prince Michael is more outgoing. “I get the sense that Prince really likes business. And he likes speaking.” Blanket, whose views on business, speaking and paper-throwing are still unclear, is still being home-schooled.

Jackson Kids Having A Blast At School [Newser]

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