Michael Strahan's Tooth Gap Got Me Good!

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Michael Strahan's Tooth Gap Got Me Good!

Every year, I try to remember that April 1 is a terrible time to be online, especially for the gullible and the easily fooled. Last year, everyone was too traumatized to participate in this “tradition,” and this year, I thought that we’d be spared the “fun” of “pranks.” I am wrong. I am a dumbass. Michael Strahan, you got me!!

On March 31, various outlets reported that former football man had closed the iconic gap in his teeth. Strahan posted a very convincing video to Instagram that showed him at Smile Design Manhattan, getting the gap in his front teeth closed, revealing blinding-white, Ross from Friends veneers (?) that were convincing enough to me, a gullible woman. When I shared this informatiom with my peers and colleagues, they expressed the same sort of disappointment that I felt. I love Michael Strahan’s tooth gap! Closing it feels like betrayal. Here is the video, which you will see is very convincing and seems real.

Huge twist. Major. On April 1, Strahan posted another video, speaking behind a mask at first and then removing said mask to reveal his regular teeth, as they were, as they should be. “C’mon man! The gap is here to stay,” he said. “Not going anywhere anytime soon.”

April Fool’s Day should definitely be canceled, because I can’t trust a single famous person to do anything right, but Michael Strahan is JUST wholesome and kind enough that I would believe just about anything he does, full stop. Yes, I bought the tooth gap closure, and yes, I was angry and then delighted to see that the gap remained. If famous people are going to continue to exist in this world, doing stuff that makes their constituents angry and then sad, then they should take a page out of his book. [Page Six]

You know what I like to see that isn’t celebrities doing pranks? It’s this: famous people being cute on Instagram with their boos.

Megan Thee Stallion continues to thrive, though this is not the specific energy I imagined for 2021’s version of a Hot Girl Summer, which will likely be either orgies and beer bongs with strangers or quiet outside hangs with friends. Maybe cuffing season is extended? Whatever! She seems happy, and that’s nice! [Instgram]

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