Michele Bachmann Is Accosted By Gay Robot


Usually Michele Bachmann does a pretty good job providing her own drama on the campaign trail, but yesterday she also got a little help from a gay robot. At a stop to greet supporters at the in Iowa City, a man dressed in a silver robot costume approached her and started shouting at her through a megaphone. It’s hard to tell from the video exactly what he’s yelling, but he was quoted as saying,

I am a gay robot. I oppose Bachmann’s position on gays, whether they are human or robot.

The man was quickly booed and asked to leave the restaurant where the event was taking place. Although he called himself “roboprof,” he wouldn’t give his real name. Though he did admit to being the same gay robot who heckled Bill Clinton back in 2007. (I guess it’s too bad there isn’t more than one gay robot—he must get lonely!) That gay robot was identified as Kembrew McLeod, a communications professor at the University of Iowa, so assuming he’s not had any of his circuit boards changed since then, it’s safe to assume he’s the man behind yesterday’s dust-up with Bachmann.

When it comes to taking Bachmann on, probably nobody can top Elijah, the young South Carolina boy who told her, “My mommy’s gay and she doesn’t need fixing.” But that didn’t stop Roboprof from trying, and while Bachmann had enough supporters to drown out his shouts, he was not alone in his opposition to the increasingly weak candidate. There were also protestors from Occupy Iowa at the event, and things got a little rowdy—with her supporters trying to drown them out with Christmas music. Eventually the police were called to help keep the peace. It’s never a dull moment when the Michele Bachmann circus comes to town!

Bachmann Encounters ‘Gay Robot,’ Hecklers in Liberal Iowa City [Iowa City Patch via HuffPo]
Police called to Michele Bachmann event in Iowa City [Daily Iowan]

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