Michele Bachmann Thinks Occupy Wall Street Protesters Are Icky


Surprise of surprises. Michele Bachmann thinks that those Occupy Wall Street kids are bad news and she doesn’t want you hanging out with them after school anymore.

Slate reports that Bachmann was asked about the protesters while at a campaign event in San Francisco, and she predictably doesn’t like them. When asked if the Occupy Wall Street movement was like the Tea Party movement, she responded,

The Tea Party picks up its trash after it has a demonstration, so there’s a difference.

Yeah, the Tea Party picks up its trash after their demonstrations; they have to get the trash home in time for it to watch The O’Reilly Factor! (Sorry, Bachmann. You tossed a softball.)

Bachmann went on to accuse the protesters of having violent tendencies and saying that they were absolutely positively 100% totally different than the Tea Party. She does have a point. Never has a Tea Party member ever been violent in the least. Unlike those pugilist hippies in New York. Zucotti Park’s temporary residents are also different from their Tea Party counterparts because thus far, the Spelling Alert Level at the Occupy protests has remained much below the unprecedented Code Red levels established as norm at many Tea Party rallies.
The Congresswoman added that what needs to happen is to get the economy moving again rather than just wasting our time doing what the OWS protesters are doing, which is trying… to… change… the… economy…

That Michele Bachmann is so full of fun.

Michele Bachmann on Occupy Wall Street: GOP hopeful says OWS protesters are dirty, counterproductive, and potentially violent [Slate]

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