Michelle Obama Gets A Photoshop Facelift


You have to admit, the First Lady does keep a good house. But the editors of Good Housekeeping seem to think she could could have a better face.

The May issue of the mag is a Special Collector’s Issue, and not just because it’s full of “home makeovers.” No, you’ll definitely want to hold on to this one, because Michelle’s got a makeover too! The entire bottom half of Michelle’s face seems to have been replaced, her forehead has been nicely tightened, and the entire right (our left) side of her face seems to have scored some extreme chiseling. A solid helmet head and weird lighting finish off her look. Like a beautiful painting, this one’s a real keepsake.

Just for reference:

First Lady Michelle Obama Misses ‘The Little Nothings In Life’ [ET]

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