Miguel Is Having All the Sex, ALL OF IT


Sex master Miguel—who also sings for a living—is about to release his next album Wild Heart in June and, as he already explained, the album is pure sex. Sex. Sex. Sex. In his latest interview today with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Miguel talks about all the sexy sex he’s had, the sex he’s been having and the sex he will have had in the future.

Oh my, Miguel!!! Hehe. 😉 :)~


Anyway, here’s why Miguel prefers the word “pussy”:

“I love ‘pussy.’ ‘Vagina,’ it sounds so clinical… I hate ‘coochie.’ It sounds dirty to me, like it smells.”

Knowing Miguel’s proclivity for all things sex, the hosts continue bombarding him with sex-related questions and Miguel is completely game.

Thoughts on morning sex?

“I think every time is the best time to have sex… Morning sex is amazing when you get woke up with it.”

Thoughts on ass eating?

“Ah man, I’m about it. I’m about it. [Envy: Oh, you eat booty, okay.] Like a crab. Like crab.”

Thoughts on squirting?

“Yes! Yes! Squirting is amazing. That’s the biggest compliment.”

Alas, there is one sexual phenomenon that Miguel has not bested yet. Tantric sex:

“I haven’t got there yet. I wanna try that. But that’s all breathing exercises…”

Oh, yeah, and about his music. Wildheart will be great:

“I don’t make traditional R&B music. It’s rooted in soul. I’m soulful, that’s who I am. that’s how I was raised, but I was also raised—I’m in love with rock and roll.”

But trust, this is an album for boning. “Oh trust me, that won’t ever change,” says Miguel. Don’t ever change.

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