Mika Brzezinski Is Sorry About That Shitty Russell Brand Interview


Mika Brzezinski of Morning Joe is very sorry for the disastrous Russell Brand interview that aired last Monday and subsequently went viral. In the original interview, she and her co-hosts were openly rude to Brand — mocking his accent, being poorly researched and talking about him like he wasn’t there — and now, after a wave of backlash, Brzezinski wants us all to know that she feels bad about it. And she’d like to reiterate how sorry she is by once again mocking Brand’s accent, talking about how she doesn’t know who he is and making exaggeratedly confused faces while talking about him.

“I didn’t know Russell,” she said on this morning’s program. “And I don’t think Russell liked that. And I’ve never gotten more vitriol and anger and hatred than I have over this so I apologize for not knowing.”

In other words, Brzezinski isn’t so much sorry about conducting an unprofessional interview as she’s sorry that you’re mad about it. Who do you think you are, Mika? Our emotionally distant hypothetical husband?

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