Mila Kunis Is Pregnant With Ashton Kutcher's Baby

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Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are expecting a baby, it has been announced, just a few weeks after getting engaged.

Although there’s been no official announcement from the pair’s reps, several gossip sites are saying that one (1) Kunis-Kutcher baby is definitely gestating. Most compelling evidence of this: Mila was spotted attending a prenatal yoga class. Congratulations to the two of them! [E!]

(This means that OK! is right(ish) about a pregnancy, which is startling. I guess it’s like that theory where, if you have an infinite amount of monkeys smashing at typewriters, one of them will eventually write the works of Shakespeare — if you put an infinite amount of “BUMP ALERT!” graphics on an infinite amount of celebrity stomachs, one of them will eventually actually be pregnant.)

Jared Leto says he almost went to the Oscars in drag: “I thought about dragging up for the Oscars, going as Rayon, because I knew that she would have loved to be there.” Rayon, being a trans woman, wouldn’t have been “dragged up” if she wore a dress because she is a woman. Dear Jared Leto, it’s time to stop saying offensive stuff about that role. [Gossip Cop]

Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa in Game of Thrones, says that Justin Bieber is “the Joffrey Baratheon of our time,” which I have been saying since time immemorial. But when she says it, it’s in the context of a way more thoughtful analysis: “[Sansa] is like every 12-year-old girl who wants to be a celebrity — it’s the same adolescence as everyone else, but a few hundred years ago. In an alternative universe. With dragons.” And Joffrey is the #1 heartthrob of that dragon universe. [ONTD]

  • Jessica Chastain did karaoke for her birthday and Tom Hiddleston was very intent about picking his song, as evidenced in this glorious photo. [PopSugar]
  • Jon Hamm and Vincent Kartheiser took a beautiful and tender prom pic at the Mad Men PaleyFest presentation. [DListed]
  • Johnny Depp wore a haunted hat. [DListed]
  • Justin Bieber is literally exactly like James Dean. [HuffPo]
  • Here are several little tidbits about Katy Perry‘s weekend, the most important of which is that she tweeted at God after coming across Girl Scouts selling Girl Scout Cookies. [Just Jared]
  • I’m very happy that celebrity gossip sites are now speculating about female Celebrity BFFs as zealously as they do re: celebrity relationship rumors (although I’d prefer if they celebrated the power of female friendship without making stuff sound catty all the damn time) — here’s something about Selena Gomez “cheating on” Taylor Swift by hanging out with Kendall Jenner. [Perez Hilton]
  • Kylie Jenner is a “total hypocrite” for wearing a bikini but also wanting her personal life to remain private. EYE ROLL. [The Hollywood Gossip]
  • Anne Hathaway screamed in pure, unadulterated terror as a rampaging parrot attacked her (just kidding; she smiled a lot as a friendly jungle bird kinda chewed on her hair a little at a zoo). [Daily Mail]
  • Rihanna promoted her tour with an Instagram clip from Teen Mom 2. [E!]
  • Lena Headey from Game of Thrones cut her hair short. [E!]
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