Miles Teller Says He 'Never Met' the Guy Who Allegedly Punched Him Over Unpaid Work

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Miles Teller Says He 'Never Met' the Guy Who Allegedly Punched Him Over Unpaid Work
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I usually love a good he said, he said (you know, like mediating two gays ahead of me in line for the bathroom as they try to figure out which one of them lost their bottle of diluted acid at the rave), but this one’s stressful as hell!

An unnamed man allegedly punched Miles Teller in the face as he was using the restroom at a Hawaiian restaurant on Wednesday, TMZ reports. But maybe it was two men? That’s what the actor later said, according to Page Six.

But wait, the details get ever more conflicting!

The guy who’s reported to have punched Teller claims that the actor owes him $60,000 for work he did on Teller’s 2019 wedding in Hawaii, while Teller says he “never met them before in my life.”

I’m not sure what happened, but what I can tell you is that Michael? I saw Daniel drop a roughed-up bottle of Poland Spring in the corner by the dark room, so I think you should try over there.

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