Miley Cyrus’s ‘Slide Away’ Is a Gorgeous Rumination on a Failed Marriage


Yes: Miley Cyrus, “Slide Away” – On her latest single, the newly separated Cyrus delivers a gorgeous rumination on a failed marriage, the youth that made her feel immortal and the age that made her realize her naiveté. I’ll never tire of her warm vocal tone, and the revelations that arise from from unrivaled vulnerability. —Maria Sherman

Nah: Taylor Swift, “Lover” – What is this emotionless Mazzy Star worship? I was so ready to love it, too. —MS

Yes: The Jonas Brothers, “Only Human” – If there is a band having more fun in the year 2019 than the recently reunited Jonas Brothers, I’ve yet to see it. “Only Human” is the third single post-“Sucker” and “Cool” from their album Happiness Begins, and it’s pure, unadulterated joy. The video is clearly inspired by a lyrical line about “an eighties groove” and while it’s definitely corny, it’s also really charming and, well, fun. I hope they keep this thing going. —MS

1000000% YES: Vivian Girls, “Something To Do” – All hail the return of Vivian Girls, all hail “Something To Do.” What a wonderfully high-energy, sunshine-y West Coast ditty about the mundanity that arrives in the troublesome period of post-breakup heartbreak. I find it impossible to listen to this only once. —MS

Y: Homeshake, “Just Like My (TAYE//PAL Mix)” – My favorite song of the past 10 years is the Teklife remix of Jessy Lanza’s “You Never Show Your Love.” The very simple concept—vocal footwork—results in something along the lines of what Aaliyah might have released in 2015 if she had lived and kept innovating. It’s a perfect song and I can’t believe it didn’t foster a proliferation of song-based footwork (the vast majority of the genre’s offerings are tracks with maybe a vocal sample but rarely full choruses and verses). This DJ Taye and DJ Paypal remix of Homeshake’s “Just Like My” fills the void and gloriously. It’s off the Québec-based outfit’s new remix album, Helium Remixed, which also features a rerub of their “Like Mariah” by none other than Jessy Lanza. Well worth checking out. —Rich Juzwiak

Yesssssss: Doja Cat ft Tyga – “Juicy” – In “Juicy,” Doja Cat does what she does best: Making a hip-hop song that’s fun without veering into cornball territory, and reminding us that her ass and thighs match. Plus, the video is fun and fruit-themed, which I know is meant to be a euphemism but mostly reminds me that my fruit intake is laughably low. My colleague Megan Reynolds described the video as a “valuable addition to the Fruit Ninja discourse.” True! The only thing I find puzzling is Tyga’s longevity as feature fodder. He stays hopping on tracks, and I’m not sure why or how. At least Tyga manages not to take away from the song, he just doesn’t really add much to it either. —Ashley Reese

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