Miley: 'I Feel Like I'm One of the Biggest Feminists in the World'

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What’s that you say, Miley Cyrus? In an interview with BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat, quoth the singer: “I feel like I’m one of the biggest feminists in the world because I tell women not to be scared of anything.” Ah ha! Ok! Um!

I mean, on one hand it’s refreshing to hear a pop star say that she is ONE OF THE BIGGEST FEMINISTS IN THE WORLD — especially when most female pop culture figures shy away from the word in interviews, expressing sentiments like “Ummm, sorry, I like men though” and “Well, I’ve never burnt a bra or written a misandrist screed in my own menstrual blood, so…” The young Cyrus added, “There’s absolutely no contradiction at all between being a feminist and taking your clothes off and being comfortable about displaying your sexuality.” That’s great! But, on the other hand, Miley’s become fairly notorious for objectifying her black back-up dancers and appropriating the trappings of black culture so, um, let’s reserve all the Top Feminist accolades for now. [ONTD]

The Fifty Shades of Grey Entertainment Weekly cover is out! With bonus photo gallery! And everything looks… really dumb. Like, we get it, people. Anastasia Steele is a virgin and scared but also budding with sexual desire. Christian Grey is dominant and cold and he owns a tie.

If the ridiculous pose is any indication of what the film itself will be like, prepare yourself to spend Valentine’s Day 2015 laughing through your tears of shame and true suffering. [Entertainment Weekly]

Treme star Robert Brown has sued Macy’s in NYC for racial profiling. Macy’s is the worst. According to reports, the actor went to the flagship store in New York City to buy his mom a fancy watch as a graduation present; after spending $1,300 on the timepiece, he went to buy a new pair of sunglasses. At that point, he was stopped by three white men (probably NYPD cops), who “publicly and falsely” accused him of credit card fraud, handcuffed him, paraded him around the store, and then threw him into a holding cell where they berated him for an hour.

After the police realized that he was a successful actor, they released him. Adding insult to injury, they lamely tried to make it up to him by offering him a police escort to his mom’s graduation. Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me.

Brown says he’s filed a class-action lawsuit against the store. [TMZ]

NBC withheld the majority of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers‘ salary until he was done filming Dracula because they were worried about his issues with substance abuse — the actor was given per diems, but he didn’t get his $100k per episode until the entire season was wrapped. According to a source close to Rhys-Meyers, “Jonathan’s in a really good place [now], and he’s healthy.” That’s good! [Hollywood Reporter]

  • Ellen Degeneres photoshopped James Franco‘s face onto a seductive seasonal calendar feat. a cat. [E!]
  • Leonardi DiCaprio says that playing Jay Gatsby was “daunting and scary.” Don’t worry though, Leo; if my experience of watching the film has taught me anything, it’s that it was very tempting to text and drink Franzia out of the bag the whole time and not pay any attention to your performance. [ONTD]
  • MOST IMPORTANT CELEBRITY HAIR UPDATE TO DATE: Bruce Jenner is growing a ponytail. [Perez Hilton]
  • Chris Pratt may be starring in Jurassic World. [Vulture]
  • George Clooney joked that Sandra Bullock drunk dials him all the time because he is so handsome. Yeah right: drunk Sandy probably watches The Lake House on Blu Ray like the rest of us.
  • Rachel Bilson is still mad at Mischa Barton for ruining The O.C. Aren’t we all. [Radar]
  • Audrina Patridge said something else about Lauren Conrad‘s wedding but I was too bored to watch the video. Did something good happen in it? Probably not, right? [TMZ]
  • Eeeek: Justin Bieber‘s Terror Tour of South America continues. The young man used his microphone stand to sweep an Argentine flag off stage after a fan threw it up there; he has since said on Twitter that he thought it was just a shirt and that he’s very sorry. [E!]
  • Also, Bieber is collaborating with R. Kelly. [Vibe]
  • Sean Avery is engaged to Hilary Rhoda. [People]
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