Mom of the Year Kris Jenner Pressured Kim Into Taking That Naked Selfie

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A very typical thing for the best and chillest mothers to do is to tell their daughters to post naked selfies on Instagram so that people don’t start rumors about their pregnancy being faked. My grandmother did it to my mom, your grandmother did it to your mom, and Kris Jenner did it to Kim Kardashian. It’s just the way things work!

Reports Radar:

“[Kris] pressured Kim to bare it all, AGAIN. And Kim really didn’t want to do it. But Kris forced her…Kris told Kim that she needed to get ahead of all of the negative reports…Things like she’s faking the pregnancy, that her baby bump is changing sizes, all of this is really getting to Kris and she wanted Kim to fight back.”

Thanks to Kris, no one will think Kim’s faking anything!


Weeks ago Ben Affleck “swore to his best friends nothing physical went on” between him and Christine Ouzounian. He told them she “was a shoulder to cry on because nobody else was around.”

But now, as stories of her late-night visits and weekend getaways to Las Vegas (with Tom Brady) are all over the tabloids, they don’t know what to to believe. An insider says they’re all “very confused” and feel like they’ve “been duped.”

They probably haven’t felt that way since Gigli!


Taylor Swift isn’t “actually” buying a Scottish castle to be near her Scottish king.

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