Mom Scolded for Breastfeeding in a Bra Store Surrounded By Pictures of Boobs


Welcome to America, where it’s OK to festoon the walls of a department store with high-res images of boobs, but it’s not OK for a mother to nurse her baby next to them.

Wittney Hope decided to pause shopping in a Tennessee Dillard’s to breastfeed her baby girl, who was getting, in Hope’s words, fussy. After checking with an employee to make sure it was alright (not that she had to), Hope commenced with feeding her daughter. That’s when the same employee, who apparently has a very short memory, went back on her word immediately thereafter:

She told me I would need to go to the restroom. I was completely shocked as I have never had anyone comment on me breastfeeding in the whole 18 months I have been nursing. Yet alone, another woman, possibly a mother herself. I repeated her to make sure I understood. Annoyed, she began to tell me the directions to the restroom again.. (Down the hall, take the elevator, then around the corner) I’m sure my hungry child would understand that we have to take a journey to somewhere more secluded where she can eat.. NOT. I immediately went and asked for the manager so I could file a formal complaint (which I did online) As we were leaving the store I passed by this advertisement for bras. I mean seriously the lady’s face is not even in this. Why is it acceptable for a giant picture of BOOBS to be on the wall but I can not feed my child?

Good question! I have no answers for you, Wittney.

(h/t HelloGiggles)

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