Moms Are Pissed Tori Spelling Suggested Muffins Are a Healthy Snack in a Sponsored Instagram Post


Yesterday, Instagram mommy and the unicorn on the Masked Singer, Tori Spelling posted a pic of some of her five children enjoying Entenmann’s® Little Bites® bagged mini-muffins, which are essentially tiny, dense, frosting-less cakes. In the caption, Spelling wrote, “This mom of 5 finds snack time a balancing act between pleasing my kiddos and feeling good as a parent about what I’m feeding them. #Ad Thank you @littlebitessnacks for being yummy and kiddo approved… while this mama bear is grateful that #lovelittlebites has no high fructose or corn syrup and is made with real ingredients like strawberries, blueberries, and bananas.”

Naturally, healthy mom bloggers of the world became enraged—how dare Spelling suggest muffins, which are notoriously high in calories and low in nutritional value, are good for her kids? I think they should be more concerned with how she’s positioned her children as an advertisement, but I digress.

Here’s an excerpt from one of my favorite enraged commenters, which leads me to believe there may be a direct correlation between anti-vaxxers, fatphobia and people who get super mad at muffins:

But its selling poison. Disappointed. Exploit kids to sell poison junk food. I love Torri too, just hard to see this kind of ad. Kids are in trouble because of the food choices. Obesity is a real threat to children. Standard American Diet pushes processed foods. Big Pharma pushed it too so people will need drugs to exist. Can’t people voice opinions when we see potential dangers? Denial and/or minimizing the facts about commercial junk is why we’re obese. Pretending this junk is ok just perpetuates the problem. No one seems to be kid shaming

Clearly miniature muffins that, once again, come wrapped in plastic, are not the healthiest snack choice—nor is it cute to shill your kids for some extra dough. But it would be nice to see this outrage directed anywhere else that’s, you know, impactful or even meaningful. Give your kids muffins, or don’t. Whatever!

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