Montana Governor Vetoes Conservative Bills With Branding Iron


Brian Schweitzer, the Democratic governor of Montana, has an unorthodox way of telling his state’s Republican legislature to STFU- he does it with piping hot metal pressed to the offending bills, twenty-one in all. Schweitzer broke his own record for most consecutive bills vetoed and he did it with swag befitting a Montana cowboy. Yee haw.

The Missoulian reports,

Schweitzer’s veto efforts drew statewide and national attention last week. Before a cheering crowd in front of the Capitol on Wednesday, Schweitzer brandished different-sized red-hot branding irons that said “VETO” and applied them to pieces of paper affixed to wooden planks symbolizing different bills he intended to veto. The paper would catch fire as he seared the word “VETO” into each plank.

Among those bills he vetoed was a Republican-backed bill banning insurance companies from covering abortion procedures. Clearly, Governor Schweidzer is a valuable pardner to not only awesome fiery theatrics but to women’s rights.

Schweitzer Setting Records with his Veto Pen [The Missoulian]

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