"Moon" Butt-Enhancement Sends Six To Hospital • Women Avoid Calling 911


• New Jersey health officials report a recent influx in women hospitalized with infections from black-market butt-enhancement injections. ix women from the Dominican Republic were brought in with backsides resembling “moonscapes” and deep tissue infections from the hazardous mixture. •

• The WASP program began in 1942 with 1,102 brave female pilots culled down from the 25,000 women who answered the call to service. Sadly, when the program ended in 1944, 38 of the original pilots had died and the rest were sent home with little fanfare. This week, Congress seeks to right this wrong, and plans to honor the remaining WASP veterans – who for years weren’t even recognized as such – with the congressional gold medal. • A recent study found that many women are willing to endanger their lives if it means they can avoid the embarrassment of calling 911. Although almost half the women surveyed wouldn’t dial if they thought they were having a heart attack, 80% would call for another person. • Jennifer Paviglianiti, 29, has filed a discrimination suit against her employer, an exotic club named Café Royale where she worked as a bartender, on the grounds that she was denied hours because of her pregnancy. Paviglianiti was smart enough to record her boss making comments like this: “Maybe they don’t go there because the bartender is pregnant and doesn’t look sexy.” • Andree Peel, French resistance heroine who was known during the war as Agent Rose, has passed away at the age of 105. Peel helped dozens of British and US pilots escape from occupied territory during WWII. • The Chinese government has placed an odd restriction on female astronauts: they have to be mothers. Apparently, the requirement that they be wives and mothers is out of consideration for their fertility: “Though there is little evidence on how the space experience will affect the female constitution, we have to be extra cautious. After all, it’s unprecedented in China,” explained an expert from the air force hospital. • Younger women are increasingly less likely to take advantage of established networking programs for women because they haven’t yet realized that things aren’t all even at the workplace. • British men are now investing in make-up to look younger, because no one can ever just look as they are and be attractive.. • Women in Britain have different voting patterns than men because the issues of importance to them tend to be different than the ones important to men. Also, water is wet. • Sometimes, when you end a romantic relationship, you have to take some time to rediscover who you are as an individual, distinct from being part of a couple. Also, the sky is blue. • When babies suck formula out of plastic nipples, they tend to have higher levels of a plastic-related chemical in their bloodstream. •

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