Morning Show Encourages "Drive-By Whoring"


One of the DJ’s of a Saint Louis morning-show had a high-school girlfriend cheat on him. So here’s a solution: encourage other dudes to do “drive-by whorings,” shouting insults at women’s houses! And no, the recordings are NSFW, life.

The premise is simple. Dudes send in rage-filled invectives against various bitches and whores who’ve somehow done them wrong. Then, live, we hear the women get harassed. I hate to say it, but the description really doesn’t do it justice. If by “justice” one means “degradation.” No, for the full effect, you need to listen to all 30 of the accumulated podcasts of maddened guys screaming “WHORE! WHORE! WHORE!” and voiceover quips like:

“Hey, Rochelle! You know what they say: friends come and go. Unless they’re YOUR friends, and then they just come.”


“Hey, Kelly, I’d ask for a pair of your panties, but there’s no need: anyone within a half-mile can smell that rotting lap-meat of yours.”


“Katy, your text-plan allows unlimited use, but not your vagina, you whore!”

Yes, there are 27 more of these.

The "Drive-by Whoring" (which ironically — or not — evokes nothing so much as an army of prostitute-seeking minutemen) is the work of WAR 105.7 The Point‘s Woody and Rizzuto, who have gone beyond the usual mindless a.m. sausagefest into an angry realm weirdly reminiscent of 17th Century Puritans. The duo, also the minds behind "Bitch Be Trippin’" (in which dudes call in to rant about other bitches, not to be confused with the whores) and much hilarious mockery of the disabled, have gotten into trouble before for their "envelope-pushing." In 2009, the show prompted an angry petition after joking on-air about the suicide of 360Smile front man Josh Herr. (Although they say their subsequent "time-out" was instead the result of a brave take-on of the Westboro Baptist Church.) They’re not new to the game of "crushing bitches’ souls": they achieved brief fame after airing the live dumping of a woman who was expecting a proposal.

So who are these guys? Well, we’re glad you asked. Jeff “Woody” Fife is a Pittsburgh-born DJ who’s been fired from shows in Chicago, Pittsburgh & San Francisco, is hated by this guy, and has a wife and baby. He may or may not still be living with his in-laws in preparation for moving into a new home. “Rizzuto,” like so many icons, goes by only one name. His MySpace page informs us that he’s 32, in a relationship (in fact, he too is married with a nursing-age kid), and really hates country music. Both, presumably, have strong feelings about whores.

While, in short, they’re small-time, dime-a-dozen, Howard Stern wannabes, they still have a Facebook page with 4,000 fans, the majority of whom are young guys, and one of whom posted this.

Like everything about these dudes’ stunts, it’s mind-numbingly stupid…but still disturbing.

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