MTV Is Lying To My Generation, Again


MTV has started a style blog, and the site is pretty much what you would expect: celebrity-oriented, but Getting In Touch With The Children with the occasional (contrived) emphasis put on style as self-expression.

Which is a good message for this here youth. I like that it’s called MTV Style as opposed to MTV Fashion, highlighting individuality, and there’s a fun video asking teenagers in line for a Jordin Sparks concert about their outfits (okay, I naturally and irrationally find them annoying, but when I put aside my own teen angst and Think About The Children, this kind of thing is positive, yeah?)

But, as is the nature of today’s MTV, the originality shtick is just there so the station can still try and have a foot in the “nonconformist” door the way they’re trying with My Life As Liz and, I don’t know, shutter shades, or something equally neon and grotesque. So like, it can call itself “MTV Style,” but it still focuses too much on petty observations such as favorite “fashion moments” from an episode of The Hills and Kesha’s (I REFUSE TO SPELL ANYONE’S NAME WITH A MONEY SIGN, YOU CANNOT MAKE ME) various makeup choices. To which I say, come on! Sweet lord, I wish we would be done with celebrity culture and just leave it in the black hole that was the aughts. Somehow I can’t manage to find that kind of thing healthy, for those writing and for those reading.

It reminds me of this old Daria clip (yes, I will be talking about Daria IN EVERY POST HERE.) Um, if Daria thought Jane Pratt was pseudo-edgy, what would she have to say about MTV today?

At this point, I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this, and about how sadly reflective it is of my generation, but how I know that I secretly like that it’s so stupid so that I can fuel my equally stupid teen rebellion, and blah. Back to watching Daria. Daria remedies all problems. I envy you people who were around when MTV had that kind of wit and and ounce of sincerity.

MTV Style Blog [Official Site]

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