Naomi Campbell Nails Down A Date With Justice

  • On August 5, Naomi Campbell will testify in the trial of accused war criminal and all-round horrible guy Charles Taylor. Campbell allegedly accepted a blood diamond from Taylor in 1997; prosecutors hope to tie him to the diamond trade. [AP]
  • Lady Gaga didn’t want her eyes Photoshopped larger for a Hello Kitty-inspired shoot. So a makeup artist with a very steady hand painted astonishingly life-like ginormous eyes onto her eyelids, and she did the shoot with her eyes closed. This is what happens when the New York Times holds you responsible for a blinding trend. [People]
  • Meanwhile, Gaga might do a line of tea with Twinings. []
  • Jennifer Aniston changed the name of her perfume from Lolavie to “Jennifer Aniston.” Marc Jacobs makes a popular perfume called Lola. [InStyle]
  • Britney Spears‘ real hair is still in there, somewhere, and it’s fighting to get out. [StyleList]
  • “I am a product whore,” says Katy Perry. “I am a consumer of a multitude of beauty products and I’m always looking for the next great thing that will make me into the young Elizabeth Taylor I would love to be. I must have about 100 products on my counter right now.” Perry is launching her inevitable first perfume this November. [WWD]
  • White Trash Beautiful, the terrible clothing line designed by Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora, is “is not rock’n’roll,” corrects Lund. “It’s clothes with balls.” Could Helen Mirren wear clothes with balls? “Sometimes people can surprise you. That’s the thing: everyone has a bit of white trash in them.” [The High Low]
  • Heidi Klum has not yet decided which designer dress she will favor with her attention at the Emmy awards. It might be Christian Siriano, though: “He doesn’t forget to send look books and samples. He’s always in the running with other designers that send me dresses. Not that I dislike the other [former winners]. I just think he has the most business-like brain of them.” [People]
  • Sixteen-year-old Taylor Momsen says defining her style is “the hardest question to answer.” Nonetheless, she has some ideas that she’s pursuing now that she no longer uses a stylist. “I think firing my stylist has allowed me to be more free. I was getting molded into this thing that wasn’t who I am,” she explained. When 16-year-old Taylor Momsen wears plastic stripper heels with a tip slot, she is wearing plastic stripper heels with a tip slot for herself, gals. [MTV, MTV]
  • Daphne Guinness: “You can tell the state of civilisation by the way people dress…If the people who fought two World Wars came back to 2010 and saw all of us running around in tracksuits, what would they think? It is just about being sloppy. And it is not about the money — it is a mindset.” [Vogue UK]
  • Fall’s Balenciaga campaign, shot by Steven Meisel, features Stella Tennant, Freja Beha Erichsen, Karen Elson, Mirte Maas, Eliza Cummings, Julija Stepanoviciute, Kirsi Pyrohnen, and Meghan Collison, all posing against a Martian landscape. [FashionGoneRogue]
  • Target hopes that its first Manhattan store, which opens officially this weekend but held a block party the other night, will do $100-$115 million in business during its first year. [WWD]
  • PETA and Stella McCartney want the Buckingham Palace guards to switch to fake-fur bearskin hats. [Telegraph]
  • Erin Fetherston: “This is the story of how I first came to acquire perfect bangs. I lived in Paris for a long time, and I was introduced to a magnificent hairdresser — an Australian man whose name was David Mallett. He said ‘If we’re going to have a relationship you’re going to need to come here every week. You’re representing my work.’ He’s not a diva, he was just scared. So I would come by once a week. He would wash, blowdry, get it really straight, and then he would have me stand up against the wall. It was very intense. He would literally snip hair by hair by hair. And then he would sit down, blow it, have me stand up. It would be this dance going on and on. Sometimes he would get it in one shot, other times it would be bad. It was like sex. Like, ‘Do you think it looks straight?’ ‘I don’t know, do you?'” But wait — there’s more to achieving perfect bangs. “it depends on what kind of hair you have, but the secret is don’t use the brush too much. If you have a blowdryer, you need to get a nozzle on it that comes to a very thin, razor sharp slit. The smaller the slit the better. Your head has a curve. Here at the curve is where things can go wonky with the bangs. Just take the hairdryer and shoot that air super hot, not even using a brush. The power of the air and the heat through that razor slit just pushes them down. Within two minutes you can get them straight. Don’t use a round brush. Then you just have to have a steady hand. I start between my eyebrow and my eyelash.” [The Cut]
  • Filipino fashion blogger BryanBoy has a hunch Anne Hathaway might get a second Vogue cover. [BryanBoy]
  • Sounds like everyone at the Mulberry party in L.A. wanted to be at the Mad Men premiere instead. Celebs, they’re just like us. [WWD]
  • Chelsea Clinton will wear Oscar de la Renta at her wedding, allegedly. [Refinery29]
  • Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte skipped the ceremony for their National Design Award — essentially standing up Michelle Obama. A spokesperson said the sisters “had a change of plans” and later explained they “had a family obligation to attend to in Los Angeles.” [WWD]
  • Natalie Massenet of Net-A-Porter will be interviewed today by Imran Amed of the Business of Fashion; it’s streaming live online. [BoF]
  • Gucci is suing a family member, Elisabetta Gucci, who wants to open a hotel under her own name. [WWD]
  • Tory Burch went to Peru and it was, like, really spiritual. [HuffPo]
  • Kelly Cutrone does not want her second book to be shelved in the self-help section, as her first was. [People]
  • Liz Claiborne previewed its first collection exclusively for J.C. Penney; it’ll be in stores next month. [WWD]
  • Could there be trouble in Christian Audigier‘s empire of bling? His downtown New York store just closed and “may or may not reopen,” according to a spokeswoman. [Racked]
  • Fast Retailing, the parent company of Uniqlo, is shuttering five of its smaller, Japanese women’s brands. [WWD]
  • Same-store sales at the Buckle fell 7.3% year-on-year during the month of June. [WWD]
  • Meet Subtle Butt, the adhesive patch for the seat of your pants that contains an activated carbon layer to eliminate fart odors. [Fashionista]
  • Who are these 34% of women who wear only matched bra-and-undies sets? [StyleList]
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