NBC News Producer Uploaded Secret Sex Tape of Girlfriend to Porn Site

Ladies and gentlemen: we have found him. It’s the worst boyfriend in the world. He’s real! A digital producer working for NBC News has admitted to secretly taping sex himself having sex with his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and uploading the video to a porn website, where it remained for several months until she discovered the video herself. And then, uh, dumped her fucking terrible boyfriend.

Thirty-year-old Carlo Dellaverson taped his girlfriend by setting up a camera in the couple’s shared living space (YES THEY LIVED TOGETHER OH MY GOD WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU) in Greenwich village, Manhattan. On Valentine’s Day (HOLY SHIT), he secretly trained a webcam on the couple’s bed and filmed the two having sex. Soon after, he uploaded the video to XPorn (!?!?!?!?!?) so everyone could watch the tape, though half of the cast of the tape did not know was being made. On September 4th, the 29-year-old girlfriend discovered the upload, got very pissed, and moved out. In subsequent emails, she was able to get Dellaverson to confirm that he had uploaded the footage.

And that’s how Carlo Dellaverson got arrested and charged with disseminating unlawful surveillance and harassment.

If you’re interested in reading more about Carlo Dellaverson’s life story, you can read this New York Times Real Estate section story about how he lived at home with his parents in Westchester while he saved up money to buy a condo.

Living at home had its perks. “My parents are amazing,” Mr. Dellaverson said. “They didn’t charge me rent and my mom would do the laundry and cook me dinner.” A car was available. “All of the things that made living in New York City so annoying, I didn’t have to deal with,” he said.

I’m sure they’re incredibly proud.

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