NBC Will Air a Live Version of Peter Pan in Less Than a Year


Thanks to all the people who hate watched NBC’s live broadcast of Carrie Underwood screaming at American in a dirndl, NBC is going to go ahead and air a live version of Peter Pan. Excited? You should be — Miley Cyrus is rumored to be in talks for the lead (that’s a joke, of course, but still — how far off could that be?).

On Sunday, NBC funtainment chairman Bob Greenblatt said that NBC would be airing a live performance of Peter Pan on Dec. 4. Somebody (not Russell Brand) will play Captain Hook. Somebody else with play Peter Pan. A Chihuahua named Jigglestick will be discovered mere weeks before the production to fill in as Tinker Bell in an emergency casting call after Uggie the dog’s tragic on-set drowning.

Greenblatt added that the network has figured out how to do live shows more efficiently since the 18-month stretch of Sound of Music preparation, and, if all goes well with Pan, viewers can expect even more live shows. Next up? It’s anyone’s guess, really, but I think that Spider-Man Broadway show is as TV-ready as shows come. America needs more Spider-Man, even if it means the on-air death of a stunt person. Show business is about sacrifice, people. Human sacrifice.

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