Neil Patrick Harris Doesn't Mind If You Want to Grab His Butt


Charismatic as always, Neil Patrick Harris stopped by Conan last night to promote How I Met Your Mother and his upcoming, highly anticipated role in the Broadway version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. Neil, Andy and Conan talked extensively about the difficulties of getting into drag — wiener taping, eyebrow waxing and all of the other stuff you’re well accustomed with if you’ve ever seen an episode of Drag Race — and then moved on to talking about family, Neil’s friendship with Elton John and the time a paparazzo snapped a photo of Elton John’s husband honking NPH’s butt.

“I liked it,” Harris said. “Everyone likes a good goosing. It suddenly became a story, like ‘Oh, no! He touched his bum,’ but I guess when you’re gay, you kind of get the bum touching free card.”

Is that true? Maybe. Is Neil Patrick Harris too charming for words? Definitely.

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