Netanyahu Addresses Israel's Ke$ha Situation; Soldiers Ordered To Make Anti-Dancing PSA (Updated)


The prime minister of Israel was in town this week for a crucial meeting with President Obama, but Larry King managed to ask Benjamin Netanyahu about what really matters: the YouTube video of Israeli soldiers dancing to Ke$ha in Hebron.

The result is two very baffled older men, one of whom is justified in not knowing what the hell anyone is talking about here (although very polite about it) and the other of whom is about to retire and is clearly manifesting his famous lack of knowledge about his subjects more blatantly than ever. The result is hilarious.

Hey, Bibi: you can bring yourself up to speed here. Al lo davar!*

Update: The “punishment” for the soldiers is to make an anti-dancing video. No, seriously.

Why We’ll Miss Larry King [Mediaite]

Earlier: Israeli Soldiers Dance To Ke$ha, Bring Peace To The Middle East

*You’re welcome.

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