Never work with children or animals.


We admit it must be pretty tough to be washing your dog, when its ear falls off because it had been cut off by the dog groomer and then glued back on.

So we have a lot of sympathy for Anni Sheriffius, of Pierce County, Wash:

“[Anni] said she was trying to wash off what she thought was dirt on her dog Jasmine’s ear when the ear fell off. Sheriffius rushed her dog to the veterinarian to learn that the dog’s ear had been cut off by a dog groomer and super-glued back on.
‘And I saw the ear float away, and it freaked me out,’ Sheriffius said. Jasmine, a shi tzu, had to undergo treatment for an infection.
Sheriffius said she still has the ear in a plastic bag, and has been crying for weeks at the thought of someone hurting her dog.”

Well yeah, we feel your pain Anni dear, but maybe we should put down the plastic bag and give the ear a decent burial now. It’s time for closure.


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