New Accuser Says Herman Cain Reached Up Her Skirt, Pushed Her Head Toward His Crotch


The Herman Cain scandal has debaclified. A fourth woman says Herman Cain sexually harassed her in the 1990s, and outrage-monger Gloria Allred is there by her side to represent and pimp her. So what are these new allegations and who is this new harassee?

Meet Sharon Bialek. She’s a Registered Republican from Chicago who met Herman Cain at a convention in 1996, where according to her, the two of them got along famously and platonically. When she lost her job with the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association shortly thereafter, Bialek says her boyfriend at the time recommended she talk to Cain about getting her job back. And then things got weird.

She traveled to DC to meet Cain when she was out on the East Coast. When she got to her hotel room, she found that she’d been upgraded to a lavish suite. Cain allegedly met her at the hotel bar and told her that he’d upgraded her, and then he took her out to dinner. Afterward, he offered to show her the National Restaurant Foundation headquarters, but instead of showing her any sort of office, he parked the car and attempted to reach up her skirt. He followed that move by attempting to push her head toward his crotch. When she resisted, Cain took a cue straight from Ye Olde Guide To Cheesye Pornographie, allegedly saying, “You want a job, right?”

Bialek says she told Cain to stop and he obliged, returning her to her hotel.

Bialek is currently a full time single mom who is not on government assistance (another one of those money trees). She and Allred both insist that she’s not trying to sell her story nor is she interested in suing Cain; she’s just interested in putting a face on the accusers who can’t come forward.

Meanwhile, in Republican voterland, no one believes sexual harassment is a real thing, and Bialek should probably just take it as a compliment.

Herman Cain— 4th Woman Alleges Sexual Harassment [TMZ]

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