New C-Section Tool Prevents Scars So You Can Still Strip in Juice Bars


A new “welding torch” closes surgical wounds using plasma instead of staples or stitches, which minimizes scarring, letting you show off your mons pubis with little to no embarrassment.

The device—called the BioWeld—uses “cold plasma” technology that doesn’t have the “cooking effect” of burning human tissue, and also minimizes the risk of infection.

Since cold plasma operates at less than 40 degC the BioWeld1 system creates desired plasma related tissue effects without the heating and cooking effects which have limited utility of prior systems…Cold plasma’s different thermal profile means that it may enable medical applications which cannot be addressed by thermal plasma and other surgical energy systems. One such application is closure of surgical wounds by welding together tissues, thus obviating the need to use staples or sutures, potentially providing better, more consistent cosmetic results and fewer wound infections.

Clinical trials of the device, performed on women undergoing C-sections, resulted in wounds that healed better, with improved cosmetic results, than traditional methods of stapling or stitches.

C-section scars are typically about eight inches long, horizontally across the bikini line, and can be hidden my almost all underwear or two-piece swimsuits with some super skimpy exceptions. (My scar is actually covered by pubic hair, so it’s in a spot that wouldn’t be seen by anyone except myself, my waxer, my doctor, and my husband.)

The BioWeld is expected to be available on the market later this year.

C-section scars banished with welding torch [Telegraph]

Image via Alessandro Colle/Shutterstock

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