New 'House of Cards' Trailer: Frank Underwood is Even More Evil


Just when you thought binge TV watching was over until at least Easter, House of Cards has served up a new trailer. Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey, is as cunning and terrifying as his toupee and it looks like his wife Claire, played by Robin Wright, is too.

In the clip, Frank has just assumed the coveted Vice Presidential spot, but his old journalist jump-off Zoe Barnes has realized that her Deep Throat might actually be a murderer and she can’t take it. The story’s just sitting there waiting to be devoured like a big bowl of soup on a cold day and she’s invited all of her reporter friends to the table.

Frank and Claire go on the offensive to protect their reputations built on the backs of folks like, I don’t know, *spoiler* the dead Philadelphia congressman Peter Russo who was reeled in with delusions of political grandeur. Yeah, Frank killed that guy in his own car and then went jogging later like nothing happened. He’s heartless and will still do anything to win with his evil sidekick/assistant Doug Stamper by his side. Stamper’s got his own problems too, namely the prostitute with whom he set up/blackmailed Russo. It’s going to get messy, guys.

Just a note, HOC is one of President Obama’s favorite shows because it’s “edgy, with hints of reality.” Think about that for a minute. What does that say about the real world of political maneuvering in Washington, D.C.?

Anyway, thanks to this House of Cards second season trailer, we’re all falling down the Netflix rabbit hole come February 14. Valentine’s day is cancelled, tell your boo.

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