New Report Claims John Mulaney Isn’t Even in Anna Marie Tendler’s Memoir…

A source told Page Six that Anna Marie Tendler's forthcoming memoir about shitty men is missing one. Anyone else suspicious?

New Report Claims John Mulaney Isn’t Even in Anna Marie Tendler’s Memoir…

If you have a pulse and a penchant for mess, chances are you’ve been looking forward to Anna Marie Tendler’s forthcoming memoir, Men Have Called Her Crazy, since it was announced earlier this month.

“I have been writing this book for two years,” the artist and author wrote in an Instagram post announcing its August 13 arrival. “It is a story about mental health; about being a woman; about family. And finally, about the endless source of my heartbreak and rage—men.”

Now, for anyone aware of Tendler’s history with the male species, this caption wasn’t just a tease but an ominous tip-off of sorts. Tendler was notably married to John Mulaney from 2014 to 2022. However, on May 21, 2021, multiple reports revealed Mulaney asked Tendler for a divorce following a 60-day stint in rehab for drug addiction.

“I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage,” she said at the time. “I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.”

Just one week after news of the divorce made headlines, it was reported that Mulaney was dating Olivia Munn and by December of that same year, the pair had a son. Whether he simply moved on quickly or if there was some overlap remains unclear. What was made painfully obvious, however, was Tendler’s shock about the split. In an essay for Elle published in June 2023, she recalled having a “severe mental health breakdown” during the end of her marriage to Mulaney. That said, it’s safe to say one would think he’d be one of the more prominent pieces of shit in Tendler’s book. A “source” is saying otherwise.

“He’s not in it,” one unnamed source who has reportedly read Tendler’s manuscript told Page Six.“Nor is he even alluded to. She talks about the relationship prior to John.” Hmmm. No offense to Tendler, I’m sure there’s something to be gleaned from her other relationships with non-famous people. But the details of which are not the reason I pre-ordered the book. I personally was reeled in by the promise of a good old-fashioned dragging. Surely, Simon & Schuster knows this.

The source also noted that Tendler’s caption was “quite clever” in that “the assumption is that it’s about John but he’s not in it!” they claimed. Is anyone else suddenly suspicious that the name of this “source” rhymes with Shawn Delaney??? Frankly, the report is a bit too reminiscent of the reports that claimed Justin Timberlake was actually totally unconcerned about his mentions in Britney Spears’ memoir, The Woman In Me.

Do I see a reality in which Mulaney isn’t in this book? Perhaps. There’s a chance he privately threatened defamation or the fear of retribution is holding Tendler back from giving readers the good stuff. On the other hand, if this truly a story about the singular heartbreak and rage men have caused Tendler, there’s really no better—or lucrative—main character than the famous guy who dumped her, the partner who supported him through addiction, only to have a baby with another woman a suspiciously short time later, no?

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