New York's New Cat Café Has a Line Around the Block to Get In


OMFG: New York City now has its very own cat cafe. It’s all-too-temporary, and it’s a naked marketing stunt, but it is a real-deal cat cafe. You will not be surprised to learn it’s already been swarmed by cat enthusiasts.

As we previously reported, the pop-up cafe is the work of Purina. (Frankly it’s shocking it took this long for a pet food company to think of this.) Gothamist sallied forth to check out the scene and discovered that a large line had already formed by 10:00 a.m., when the cafe first opened. Visitors were enthusiastic: “‘I’m pretty positive I could meet my husband in here,’ one woman gushed to her girlfriends.”

All the cats at the cafe are adoptable, and you can see bios here. (HI FREDDY.) Apparently four people have already taken home the ultimate souvenir, and there’s another three days left. No word whether they will be replenishing the cats.

In case your work schedule does not allow you to spend two precious weekday hours cooing at kitties, here is a livestream. Just be prepared for furious, burning jealousy:

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