Next Day, Same Sh-t: Ann Coulter Blames Single Moms For Downfall Of Society


Professional victim/maybe performance-artist Ann Coulter brought her comedy act to the Today show this morning, souring the morning meals of elitist Americans up and down the east coast.

There’s a reason that “serious” political minds and critics mostly ignore Ms. Coulter — performance artist or not, after a while, there’s just not much to say. That said, one of the most enraging aspects of seeing Coulter is not that she slings stupid shit right and left, but that no one in the media seems to be able to effectively shut her down. One the one hand, you have CBS’s Harry Smith, whose patronizing, above-it-all tone yesterday morning didn’t do him — or Coulter’s critics — any favors. On the other, there’s Matt Lauer, who is more than willing to get into the ring but, once there, throws a few anemic jabs but seems unwilling to deal the knockout blow. Is the reason why no one in the male-dominated, mainstream broadcast media effectively dismantles Ann Coulter due to the Sarah Palin problem, i.e. the fact that Coulter — despite tired old jokes to the contrary — is a woman? Because if so, I think most of us can agree that critics’ darlings Campbell Brown, Rachel Maddow and especially single-mom Katie Couric need to stop posing for pretty pictures and intelligently, calmly, rip c-nts like this a new one.

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