Next Week's Too Real Broad City: Abbi & Ilana Go on an Internet Bender


You know that feeling, when you spend all day staring at a screen and forgetting to hydrate and your lips get chapped and your butt goes numb and then, finally, you slump out of the office, staring at your phone as you trip down the stairs in order to ensure that Twitter is fully refreshed for the 35 minutes you will spend underground? And then you get home, and there MIGHT be another human in the vicinity but you can’t totally tell, because you’re watching the Real Housewives and looking at your college roommate’s Facebook album from 2011 on your laptop and swiping through Tinder, all at the same time? And all day, you’ve been blinking at a rate of 3x per minute and existing, creating, laughing, flirting entirely within a synthetic, intangible world in which you are nothing but an amorphous blob, and you think to yourself: “Life is bad,” and: “Maybe I should go wwoofing.”

Anyway, on next week’s episode of Broad City, Abbi and Ilana get even more relatable!

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