Nicki Minaj Is Being Sued by Her 'Wig Guru'


Nicki Minaj cut her former “wig guru” Terrence Davidson out of her new hair empire, and he’s pissed — to the tune of $30 million in damages.

Davidson alleges in a lawsuit filed on Friday morning that Minaj not only stole his outlandish hair designs but promised to launch a line of wigs in partnership with him, only to start the business alone. He also claims that when he was offered lucrative opportunities like a billion dollar reality show (huh?), Minaj’s managers advised him to decline so he could maintain a good relationship with her. Davidson’s lawyer tells Time, “Her lawyers may complicate it, but we don’t need to get into intellectual-property law. This is basic American morality. Nicki Minaj lied to this man and cheated him.”

Davidson began working with Minaj in 2010 before the release of her debut album Pink Friday to create “fresh, hip and unique wigs.” These creations include the “Pink Upper Bun Wig,” the “Fox Fur Wig,” the “Pink High Top Wig,” the “SuperBass Wig,” the “Half Blonde-Half Pink Wig,” and the “VS Wig.” Just for reference, here’s one such wig:

(And there’s never a bad time to hear a feminist rant, right?)

Davidson says in 2012 things between the two got hairy (sorry, had to) and he was “shuffled out of their shared business plans.” Then in 2013, he left the Minaj team due to creative differences. But now Minaj is selling wigs on her website, and one of the wigs is also included on her Minajesty perfume bottle.

You know what all of this sounds like? Fame. You’re nobody until your stylist, manager or hair dresser sues you. Congrats, Nicki!

Image via Getty.

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