Nicole Kidman Is a Hardened AF Detective In Destroyer


If there’s one thing Nicole Kidman loves, it’s looking not like Nicole Kidman on-screen. Throw her a fake nose, a curly gray wig, some punk eyeliner and DAMN she is there. Or, not there, I mean. Do you see a renowned movie star who iconically turned her back on Scientology?! I don’t!!!

Kidman transforms again into a hardened detective in Destroyer, the latest film from Karyn Kusama (who directed such spooky film as Jennifer’s Body and The Invitation to name a few.) In the movie Kidman plays Erin Bell, an LAPD detective who went undercover with a gang as a young cop. From the trailer, it seems she perhaps got a little too caught up as an undercover officer, and her time with the gang ended “with tragic results.” When a leader of the gang emerges again, Bell has to “finally reckon with the demons that destroyed her past.” Oh shit!

Kidman looks hard AF in the trailer, and this will surely be a great addition to the Nicole Kidman In Great Wigs canon. Destroyer is out in theaters this December.

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