No, Meghan Markle's Secret Wedding Was Not Less Real Than the Public Wedding

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No, Meghan Markle's Secret Wedding Was Not Less Real Than the Public Wedding
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It’s the day after Meghan Markle and Harry Something’s explosive tell-all to Oprah and CBS, in which the couple confirmed just about everything we could surmise about the archaic British monarchy. But for all the humanity on display last night, Monday has been largely spent picking apart the most minute details of the broadcast—including her anecdote about secretly wedding the once-prince a few days before the actual ceremony.

Page Sixreports” that vicars overseas are up in arms over the former Duchess’s admission of a secret wedding before the public one, with one vicar for the Church of England apparently tweeting that he had “no idea” what they were talking about. As the story goes, Meg called up a guy—or whatever it is the Church of England calls its men in robes—and said: I want to get married. So they did, secretly, courtesy of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The fuss today pertains to whether or not that marriage followed Church rules, under which apparently, the vows must be public.

Dunno how the Brits do it, but sometimes people elope! That’s kind of what happened here. And besides, my own marriage was in a courthouse, with just me my husband and a clerk for the county, while standing in a plexiglass box, because of the pandemic, with nobody around to see it but the security cameras littered about the Los Angeles County government facility. My friend had a wedding but never signed the actual papers, and still said she and her wife were married, and we all just implicitly accepted that as the truth.

Meghan probably doesn’t care about the highly specific intricacies of Anglican rules about who can marry whom under what circumstances, and if she considers a private exchange of vows to be the one that mattered, who cares!

The other big news of the day? This trailer for the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Everyone clap!

In it, Kim cries about divorce, the others mill about without masks on, whatever is going on between Kourtney and Scott, and a Harry Styles song. Ok!

A chill just ran down my spine.

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