No One Likes Shark Week As Much As Verne Troyer


There are some people who like shark week. There are some people who love shark week. There are some people who annoy you every week that it isn’t shark week by shouting things like “LIVE EVERY WEEK LIKE IT’S SHARK WEEK” at inappropriate times. (Those people you want to kill.) And then there’s Verne Troyer.

Verne Troyer loves shark week so much that he dressed up in a shark costume to watch shows about sharks. Verne Troyer wants to be a shark. Verne troyer can’t stop, won’t stop until the world knows that he is the biggest shark week superfan in the universe. If a shark ate Verne Troyer right now (in his shark costume. So meta), he would probably be cool with it because like my friend Jenny who I don’t speak to anymore because she makes loud noises that startle me, Verne Troyer is living every moment like it’s shark week. Verne Troyer is Killing it.

Image via Imgur

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