No One Will Buy This Cute Little House in Cute 'Penis Vagina' Village


Sweden’s current housing shortage is nothing to penis vagina about; the Swedish Association of Public Housing Companies estimates that 435,000 new homes will be needed by 2020 to keep up with the country’s urbanizing population. So why won’t anyone buy this cute little two-bedroom? It’s 2198 square meters, only 422,000 kronor—$61,000—and it’s located in the adorable village of Snorrslida, which translates roughly to “penis vagina.”

Dick Pussy Cottage has been on the market for over 1,000 days with no takers, although it’s being sold by a Danish real estate company through an an agent who assured the Local that the WeeWee-HooHa Hut will have no such base associations for Danish customers looking to relocate across the Oresund Strait, and the home is just not selling because it’s in bad condition. (Coincidentally, my own penis-vagina house is in pretty rough shape after the holiday weekend.) $61,000 really isn’t bad for a two-bedroom, though, no matter how raw the finishing or loose the plumbing might be. Any takers?

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Image via Dansk Ejendoms Consult

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